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Working in the industry for a combined 30+ years we know exactly what its like to feel the crunch of having to bid more jobs to get the same amount of work, and the economical strain a full time estimator can bring to your business.  Coleman Construction Services, LLC  has dedicated itself to the Electrical Community so that we can be 100% dedicated to the craft we know and have lived for the past 30 years! 

Connections and Relationships are what builds our business and without having a dedicated estimator to build those relationships the percentage of winning projects becomes harder and harder.  You are the owner you need to be working on the business not in the business.  Since we began our mission was not to just be a fill in estimator for clients but to become a partner for our clients!   

Come see what Coleman Construction Services, LLC can bring to your business buy using a proven dedicated estimator just for you, lets build a relationship and work together to achieve all your goals!  


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