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Working in our industry for over 20 years as a administrative assistant, office manager, and inside project  manager I understand how difficult it is out there.  Without sales we have no business, without setting ourselves apart from everyone else we have no business!  
The approach of Lead Qualification on the initial call was created when the need for Design/Build and  Construction professionals needed to set themselves apart and knowing that themselves or their office manager do not have the time to  give the attention to clients upfront.  After many years working with design/build and  remodeling firms as a Specialist we have seen proven results and better closing percentages.                                                                                         


"Coleen is basically a rock star and provides an amazing service, I hope the contractors in the council will appreciate the value she brings and find her as helpful as I did."  
Performance Review, J Steele Owner, Black Diamond Builders 

"Working with Coleen was a dream and after just a few weeks, we were wondering what we ever did without her!  She was extremely professional and had the ability to easily build rapport with potential clients while getting valuable information from them.  We can't say enough about working with Coleen and highly recommend her services to anyone looking to take their lead qualification to the next level!" 
Performance Review  Mina Fies, Owner, Synergy Design /Construction 

"..The reason we hired it out is that we were never in the office, this way, Coleen returns the calls the same day or next and she is a PRO at qualification, she's better than I could probably ever be. And again, there are things that I do better and my time is spent better doing! If we go out on an appointment, that Coleen has set for us 75% of the time we leave with a design agreement. She is an extension of our company, even though she's in NJ and we're in Texas. . She knows everything about our company, our processes; it is truly like she's a team member. She has been a life saver for us!" 
Performance Review Robin C. Burrill, CEO, Curb Appeal Renovations, Inc.

By the way, a few minutes ago in the waiting room, a man walked up to me and said, "Are you the guy starting a company for contractors?"  I said yes, how did you know. Said he saw me on FB yesterday from what you did and recognized me. Unbelievable! 
Performance Review, Jim Mastin Sr., CEO

…Peter Donovan tried to train his already busy receptionist/Office manager to do the job,…the message wasn't getting across..”people like Coleen; her job is to give them the attention they deserve…Donovan has seen qualified leads rise…saving money…”I have someone who gets it and thoroughly knows the system…” 
Performance Review Excerpt, Mastercraft Contracting

“….Coleen, It has been a delight to this point dealing with your firm. You have been polite, professional and a pleasure to speak with……You have renewed my enthusiasm in this project.  You captured our conversation quite thoroughly!.....” 
Sincerely, Theresa  Performance Review Excerpt, Homeowner

“…Coleen provides our clients personalized and professional attention to the details of their projects as well as keeping them informed about what to expect during each step of their project's development. “  
Performance Review Excerpt, The Whitehurst Group