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Business Consulting 

" I was able to get my personal life back on track, I became engaged to my girlfriend over the Christmas holidays and am able to sleep well knowing I can make payroll and my company is finally being run like a business!"

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Business Consulting 

" Coleen is a strong, detailed organized manager and I fully recommend her skills to anyone!" - Cliff Geissler, President

Management & Business Consulting

Coleman Construction Services offers this most important tool to the growth and financial resolutions to the construction industry. We travel nationwide to your location to perform your analysis and train you and your staff on how to have a successful future. Whether you self perform or manage subcontracted services, as long as there is a commonly understood and controlled estimating, to pre-start meetings, material and subcontractor buy-out, project and field management, punch list, and end of project formal financial and operational feed back to estimating, this industry can be one of the most profitable. 
A business can be “profitable” and still run into trouble. We can forecast and evaluate your company’s financial condition, identify the problems that keep you from increasing revenue and earnings, plus recommend positive solutions. 
Coleman Construction Services can help your business identify areas positively or negatively affecting profitability and growth then develop solutions that are practical, technically sound and implementable. In addition to acting as a liaison for management, we provide comprehensive, flexible strategies that address the issues affecting your day-to-day business operations. We work with our clients to assure that by defining your strengths and weakness, recommending implementable action steps that affect business processes which include

  • Estimating procedures and controls to increase bid to award ratios or development sales.
  • Job cost control training and procedures for project management, field supervisors, and internal support staff.
  • Work in Process reporting and accurate and timely management information controls.
  • Accounting and financial reporting processes to avoid end of the month/quarter/annual surprises, strengthen banking and bonding relationships and presentations.
  • Performance compensation and effective employee recruitment/retention processes.
  • Business and profit planning.
  • Cash management, billing, and collection.
  • Turn around cash flow
  • Find lost monies by way of negotiations, vendors, products and estimating procedures
  • Improve Project Management by way of hands on and remote training
  • Control job costs and implement new budgeting procedures
  • Establish financial control and capital to grow your business
  • Secure employee accountability by way of structure and standard operating procedures